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"We were so pleased to find these bibs, and they made perfect gifts for our Flower Girls and Ring Bearer! Kept them clean and fashionable through the entire meal!"
~ R. Pritchard

"My sister called to tell me that the bibs I gave her are her absolute favorite! Her little boy wears his every day, and I she always receives comments when they dine out."
~ C. Davis

"These bibs are durable and easy to care for, we use ours everyday...they are also great for those odd times we get to go out with the babies. Perfect balance of form and function!!"
~ J. Holmes

"These are my favorite gifts to give to my "new mom" friends! Extremely practical and a keepsake type of gift…I get invited to all the babyshowers, and I am sure it is because of the great gifts I give."
~ D. McDonald

"I had an upcoming wedding to attend and ordered two matching bibs for my sons. I wanted to keep my 8 month old drool free and three year old clean at dinner. The bibs were fantastic and I had several people at the wedding itself and the desk clerk at the hotel ask me where I got them. I have to say that my boys were the best dressed guests at the wedding!"
~ J. Roche

"Thank you again for the lovely bibs. Piper christened hers right away, and Belle loves hers and always asks to wear it."
~ L. Jesney

"These are the ultimate bibs for breastfeeding! They are soft on our skin and doesn't get in the way, great for catching all those little dribbles too!."
~ R. Gibbons

" I just wanted to let you both know that I received the bib and drooler set this week and I LOVE THEM. The cupcake fabric is adorable and the pink side is the softest thing ever. Thank you so much!!!"
~ G. Bailey

" Sometimes kids are just not pretty. You can dress them up. You can even take them out on occasion. But you can never guarantee pretty. Until now. Finally a company that gets it. Things can be functional and pretty. And absorbent, and soft, and well made." (read more...)
Melanie Morgan, Wundermums.com April 2008

"It may seem absurd to talk about high fashion and drooling in the same feature, but hey, we're a little absurd here at Peekaboo! And we just happened to find a brilliant company to combine these two concepts: Febe Bebe, makers of fine droolers and bibs. I instantly knew they were a pick when I read their sassy slogan, "You should never sacrifice style just because you happen to drool." (read more...)
Megan Grady - Peekaboo Picks, November 2007

"Febe Bebe bibs and droolers (a smaller version of the bibs) are 100% vinyl free and are individually handmade in Canada. They incorporate fine fabrics and a sophisticated style while still being quite appropriate for the folks in your life that drool. And no teddy bears or ducks. Hooray!" (read more...)
The Opinionated Parent, December 2007

"Now that I understand that every nanosecond of a child's life (especially that first child - sorry siblings) will be photographed and documented, I can make a helluva good case for getting chic with the drool bibs at my friend's baby showers. Plastic ones are nice and all but...no. No, they're not." (read more...)
Cool Mom Picks, January 2008

"Sarah started Febe Bebe as a Canadian answer to the stylish, functional bib that has been lacking in our market. Like all things fashionable the bibs and fabrics are always changing to keep up with the latest styles." (read more...)
Kirsty Kernohan - York Region Baby, October 2007


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